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Cats Needing Homes

Contact the welfare officer in the first instance and once a Home Offered Form   is filled in I can link you up with the owner, or discuss cats in our care.

Cats needing new homes maybe added here, or viewed on our CatChat page

Www.catchat.org – although most cats are found homes to people on our waiting list.

Oriental Cat Welfare Trust page on catchat here

If interested in these cats please contact the welfare officer. EMAIL: OCWT.rescue@gmail.com

A few tips about us that might help when looking for a cat:

  • We are a small organisation only dealing with around 50 cats of our breed per year
  • Because pedigree cats are bred by breeders and sold to new owners, we never have kittens to offer. Cats are usually over 6 yrs
  • Our small cattery (known as our safehouses) are located in East Sussex, although we do occasionally have cats in foster homes in other parts of the country.
  • Sometimes cats remain in their own homes, we call this Home to Home adoptions and you will be dealing directly with the owners
  • Adopting a rescue is not a easy or cheap alternative to buying a kitten, many need lots of patience and often ongoing veterinary treatment, although we always try to get anything done such as dentals that our vet recommends before they are rehomed.
  • We are happy to travel but need owners also to be willing to travel when cats are not nearby.
  • If you are on our waiting list and don’t hear from us it’s not because you are not considered suitable. It’s because cats require specific homes to meet their individual needs. Some need to be the only cat, some can not tolerate dogs, some are not suitable to live with children, some need an indoor home, some have been used to going outside, others need something in between in the form of supervised access. Some come in pairs and we don’t split pairs unless it’s in their best interest. Some don’t travel well so will require a nearer home. So please be patient and keep us updated if you find a cat that suits you before we are able to offer you one.