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Details required for rehoming

Here are the questions that need to be answered in order to find a new home for your cat. Type your responses under the questions and return to us at bookends@btopenworld.com.

1) Owners name and address:

2) Telephone number:

3) Email:

4) Cat’s details and names:

5) Sex:

6) Age or DOB:

7) Colour:

8) Neutered:

9) Microchipped:

10) When were vaccination boosters last given, include name and address of vet:

11) Does your cat go outside:

12) Is your cat indoor only:

13) Can he/she use a cat flap:

14) General health history:

15) Any behavioural problems:

16) Used to children and likes or dislikes:

17) Would they accept a home with other cats:

18) Used to dogs and likes or dislikes:

19) Outline of the reasons for rehoming:

20) Any details you have of the breeder of the cat:

21) May we give the breeder a courtesy call to let them know we are re-homing one of their cats:

22) May we advertise your cat on the OCWT website:

23) What is your idea of an ideal home for your cat:

24) Are you able to give any help with regard to transportation to a new home:

Photographs are really important, if you have some nice ones or can take some, these go on the listing and produce far more enquiries than written ads.

If you can return the details  to me I will initiate the process. If your cat is to come into our safe houses, arrangements can then be made or if you want to try for a home to home placing I will send you a pack that explains how everything works and an adoption form for any new owners to sign. We do expect new owners to give a donation to our charity and we are grateful if current owners can give something too if they feel able to do so. If you can prepare your cat with up to date vaccinations this would also be helpful.

Best wishes,

Mrs Val Walter – Welfare Officer, OCWT