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The Home to Home System


Welfare officer: Val Walter | Tel: 01424 892618 | Local Rate: 0845 0529655

Yew Tree Cottage, Compass Lane, Ashburnham, East Sussex TN33 9NG

  • We advertise your cats.
  • When people enquire the OCWT Welfare Officer reviews their forms and only refers people who are within the parameters that have been discussed. If possible their home offered forms will be emailed for you to read.
  • With your permission, we pass on your telephone number and you wait for them to make contact with you. This indicates how keen they are to progress.
  • Following phone conversations between the two parties, you can then make arrangements for a viewing of the cats if you wish.
  • Depending on the distance potential new owners can come to you. Everyone can think about things and then you can deliver the cat, arrange to meet them halfway or you can contact us to help with transportation. If a home visit has already been completed or if you are happy with the situation you can allow the cat(s) to be taken, it is up to you how quickly or slowly you complete this stage.
  • If you need home checks done (if you are not visiting yourself) then OCWT can try and arrange this, or sometimes it is possible to ask for a vet’s reference.
  • We always suggest that cats being rehomed are not sold. However, it is permissible to ask for expenses to be paid if you need to, e.g. travel expenses or recent vaccinations etc. if you wish.
  • We usually expect a donation of some sort from both parties, but this is entirely up to the individuals. Sometimes we only get one from the adopting party as the whole exercise has been expensive for the person giving up the cat(s). The nature of a donation is that it is given freely and so we do not twist arms. However, we cannot run this service without donations so we are always very grateful.
  • If you are able, it is a helpful if you can obtain a cheque made out to The Oriental Cat Welfare Trust from the new home when they take the cats. The normal amount for home to home rehoming is £100 – £150 per cat. This should be sent to the OCWT Welfare Officer at the address at the top of this form. It is often common that people say they will send on donations but never do, so your help with this is beneficial. We feel it is not a good thing to allow cats to go to people who are not willing to give a donation as this may indicate they will not pay out for vet fees and other expenses the cat may need through its life.
  • Please remember, if this process takes too long or your circumstances change and become more urgent, we can provide a safe house place for your cat(s) in the cattery in Sussex.